girls in green

  1. paris roxanne


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  2. Photo hattie watson #2

    hattie watson #2

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  3. Photo alexa poletti

    alexa poletti

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  4. Photo sabine jemeljanova

    sabine jemeljanova

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  5. Photo emma watson #5

    emma watson #5

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  6. Photo alysha nett #4

    alysha nett #4

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  7. Photo Originally by gamefreaksnz curvyandnerdy: brainfuel: gamefreaksnz:

Salute (by Jason.E.N.)
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  8. Photo Originally by beafitspiration-deactivated2013 beanthinspiration:

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  9. Photo

    (via sexysets)

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  10. Photo holly lee #2

    holly lee #2

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my favorite color is green. this tumblr is dedicated to my green lust. photos will be of girls in green with occasional photos of girls with/around green objects.

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